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Category: ProteinDomain
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Protein Domain
Type: domain
Description: Bicaudal-C (BICC, BICC1 in vertebrates) is an RNA-binding protein with translational repression function []. It is involved in the regulation of embryonic differentiation and plays a role in the regulation of Dvl (Dishevelled) signaling, particularly in the correct cilia orientation and nodal flow generation []. In Drosophila, disruption of BICC can disturb the normal migration direction of the anterior follicle cell of oocytes []. In mammals, mutations in this gene are associated with polycystic kidney disease and it was suggested that the BICC1 protein can indirectly interact with ANKS6 protein (ANKS6 is also associated with polycystic kidney disease) through some protein and RNA intermediates [].BICC1 contains N-terminal K homology RNA-binding vigilin-like repeats and a C-terminal SAM domain. This entry represents the SAM (sterile alpha motif) domain, which is a protein-protein interaction domain [].