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Category: ProteinDomain
Type Details Score
Protein Domain
Type: Domain
Description: This presumed domain is found in members of the TMEM132 family. TMEM132A may be involved in embryonic and postnatal brain development []. TMEM132D may be a marker for oligodendrocyte differentiation [].
Protein Domain
Type: Family
Description: This family consists of TMEM132A, TMEM132B, TMEM132C, TMEM132D, TMEM132E. They all have transmembrane domains. TMEM132A may play a role in embryonic and postnatal development of the brain. It increased resistance to cell death induced by serum starvation in cultured cells. It regulates cAMP-induced GFAP gene expression via STAT3 phosphorylation [, ]. TMEM132D is a single-pass transmembrane protein that is highly expressed in the cortical regions of the human and mouse brain. The function is still unknown. It may act as a cell-surface marker for oligodendrocyte differentiation [, ]. Additionally, as it may be most strongly expressed in neurons and it colocalises with actin filaments, TMEM132D may be implicated in neuronal sprouting and connectivity in brain regions important for anxiety-related behaviour [].