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Category: ProteinDomain
Type Details Score
Protein Domain
Type: Family
Description: Mammals have three GW182 paralogues, TNRC6A, TNRC6B and TNRC6C. They interact directly with Argonaute (Ago) proteins and function downstream as effectors mediating mRNA repression. They repress mRNAs by recruiting the CCR4-NOT complex to the mRNA. They contain the N-terminal effector domain (NED), the middle Q-rich region, and the C-terminal effector domain (CED) containing the poly(A) binding protein (PABP)-interacting motif 2 (PAM2) and the RNA-recognition motif (RRM) [].This entry represents TNRC6A from vertebrates. Similar to TNRC6B/C, TNRC6A is essential for efficient miRNA repression [].