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Publication : Ex vivo live imaging of single cell divisions in mouse neuroepithelium.

First Author  Piotrowska-Nitsche K Year  2013
Journal  J Vis Exp Issue  74
Pages  e4439 PubMed ID  23666396
Mgi Jnum  J:268847 Mgi Id  MGI:6272450
Doi  10.3791/4439 Citation  Piotrowska-Nitsche K, et al. (2013) Ex vivo live imaging of single cell divisions in mouse neuroepithelium. J Vis Exp (74):e4439
abstractText  We developed a system that integrates live imaging of fluorescent markers and culturing slices of embryonic mouse neuroepithelium. We took advantage of existing mouse lines for genetic cell lineage tracing: a tamoxifen-inducible Cre line and a Cre reporter line expressing dsRed upon Cre-mediated recombination. By using a relatively low level of tamoxifen, we were able to induce recombination in a small number of cells, permitting us to follow individual cell divisions. Additionally, we observed the transcriptional response to Sonic Hedgehog (Shh) signaling using an Olig2-eGFP transgenic line (1-3) and we monitored formation of cilia by infecting the cultured slice with virus expressing the cilia marker, Sstr3-GFP (4). In order to image the neuroepithelium, we harvested embryos at E8.5, isolated the neural tube, mounted the neural slice in proper culturing conditions into the imaging chamber and performed time-lapse confocal imaging. Our ex vivo live imaging method enables us to trace single cell divisions to assess the relative timing of primary cilia formation and Shh response in a physiologically relevant manner. This method can be easily adapted using distinct fluorescent markers and provides the field the tools with which to monitor cell behavior in situ and in real time.
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