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Protein Coding Gene : Suz12 SUZ12 polycomb repressive complex 2 subunit

Primary Identifier  MGI:1261758 Organism  Mus musculus
Chromosome  11 NCBI Gene Number  52615
Mgi Type  protein coding gene
description  FUNCTION: Automated description from the Alliance of Genome Resources (Release 3.1.1)

Exhibits nucleic acid binding activity and promoter-specific chromatin binding activity. Predicted to contribute to histone methyltransferase activity (H3-K27 specific). Involved in several processes, including histone modification; negative regulation of transcription by RNA polymerase II; and oligodendrocyte differentiation. Localizes to nucleus; protein-DNA complex; and ribonucleoprotein complex. Is expressed in several structures, including bone; central nervous system; genitourinary system; limb; and neural retina. Orthologous to human SUZ12 (SUZ12 polycomb repressive complex 2 subunit).
PHENOTYPE: Homozygous null mice die during early postimplantation stages with failure of embryonic and extraembyronic tissues and organogenesis. Mice heterozygous for a knock-out allele exhibit abnormal brain and spinal cord development with varying penetrance. [provided by MGI curators]
  • synonyms:
  • MGI:2144085,
  • DNA segment, Chr 11, ERATO Doi 530, expressed,
  • Suz12,
  • AW536442,
  • MGI:1922065,
  • mKIAA0160,
  • MGI:2144551,
  • MGI:2144379,
  • RIKEN cDNA 2610028O16 gene,
  • 2610028O16Rik,
  • AI195385,
  • D11Ertd530e,
  • expressed sequence AW536442,
  • AU016842,
  • SUZ12 polycomb repressive complex 2 subunit,
  • expressed sequence AI195385,
  • expressed sequence AU016842

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