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Type  subunit Description  Component of the NDC80 complex, which consists of NDC80/HEC1, CDCA1, SPBC24 and SPBC25. The NDC80 complex is formed by two subcomplexes composed of NDC80/HEC1-CDCA1 and SPBC24-SPBC25. Each subcomplex is formed by parallel interactions through the coiled-coil domains of individual subunits. Formation of a tetrameric complex is mediated by interactions between the C-terminal regions of both subunits of the NDC80/HEC1-CDCA1 subcomplex and the N-terminal regions of both subunits of the SPBC24-SPBC25 complex. The tetrameric NDC80 complex has an elongated rod-like structure with globular domains at either end (By similarity).