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Publication : A mouse knockout library for secreted and transmembrane proteins.

First Author  Tang T Year  2010
Journal  Nat Biotechnol Volume  28
Issue  7 Pages  749-55
PubMed ID  20562862 Mgi Jnum  J:161922
Mgi Id  MGI:4461891 Doi  10.1038/nbt.1644
Citation  Tang T, et al. (2010) A mouse knockout library for secreted and transmembrane proteins. Nat Biotechnol 28(7):749-55
abstractText  Large collections of knockout organisms facilitate the elucidation of gene functions. Here we used retroviral insertion or homologous recombination to disrupt 472 genes encoding secreted and membrane proteins in mice, providing a resource for studying a large fraction of this important class of drug target. The knockout mice were subjected to a systematic phenotypic screen designed to uncover alterations in embryonic development, metabolism, the immune system, the nervous system and the cardiovascular system. The majority of knockout lines exhibited altered phenotypes in at least one of these therapeutic areas. To our knowledge, a comprehensive phenotypic assessment of a large number of mouse mutants generated by a gene-specific approach has not been described previously.
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