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Publication : Osteoblasts remotely supply lung tumors with cancer-promoting SiglecF<sup>high</sup> neutrophils.

First Author  Engblom C Year  2017
Journal  Science Volume  358
Issue  6367 PubMed ID  29191879
Mgi Jnum  J:274076 Mgi Id  MGI:6094526
Doi  10.1126/science.aal5081 Citation  Engblom C, et al. (2017) Osteoblasts remotely supply lung tumors with cancer-promoting SiglecF(high) neutrophils. Science 358(6367)
abstractText  Bone marrow-derived myeloid cells can accumulate within tumors and foster cancer outgrowth. Local immune-neoplastic interactions have been intensively investigated, but the contribution of the systemic host environment to tumor growth remains poorly understood. Here, we show in mice and cancer patients (n = 70) that lung adenocarcinomas increase bone stromal activity in the absence of bone metastasis. Animal studies reveal that the cancer-induced bone phenotype involves bone-resident osteocalcin-expressing (Ocn(+)) osteoblastic cells. These cells promote cancer by remotely supplying a distinct subset of tumor-infiltrating SiglecF(high) neutrophils, which exhibit cancer-promoting properties. Experimentally reducing Ocn(+) cell numbers suppresses the neutrophil response and lung tumor outgrowth. These observations posit osteoblasts as remote regulators of lung cancer and identify SiglecF(high) neutrophils as myeloid cell effectors of the osteoblast-driven protumoral response.
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