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Allele : Fam91a1<Tg(Tyr)2261COve> family with sequence similarity 91, member A1; transgene lentiviral insertion 2261C, Paul A Overbeek

Primary Identifier  MGI:5287269 Allele Type  Transgenic
Attribute String  Inserted expressed sequence Gene  Fam91a1
Strain of Origin  FVB/N Is Recombinase  false
Is Wild Type  false
molecularNote  A lentiviral transgenic approach was used to generate these mice. The Tyro-WPRE-FUGW lentiviral transgene (LV2177) was designed with a mouse tyrosinase minigene (Tyro) and woodchuck hepatitis virus post-transcriptional regulatory element (WPRE) in the FUGW self-inactivating HIV-based lentiviral vector backbone. The Tyro minigene replaced the ubiquitin-c promoter and EGFP sequences originally found in the FUGW lentiviral vector. The Tyro minigene is composed of the mouse Tyr enhancer region (623 bp), promoter region (657 bp), and 1566 bp cDNA sequence (including the stop codon); all in sense orientation relative to the FUGW backbone. There is no polyA site between the Tyro minigene and WPRE sequence. The WPRE sequence functions to enhance the mRNA transcript stability. In line OVE2261C, the lentivirus integrates into exon 5 [NCBI37/mm9; 5'-58,255,776(-)].
  • mutations:
  • Insertion
  • synonyms:
  • OVE#2261,
  • OVE2261C,
  • OVE#2261,
  • OVE2261C
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