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Allele : Tg(Thy1-Synpo/GFP)1Dllr transgene insertion 1, Peter Mundel; transgene insertion 1, Thomas Deller

Primary Identifier  MGI:6423113 Allele Type  Transgenic
Attribute String  Inserted expressed sequence, Reporter Gene  Tg(Thy1-Synpo/GFP)1Mndl
Strain of Origin  C57BL/6 Is Recombinase  false
Is Wild Type  false
molecularNote  The promoter drives brain-specific expression of the mouse open reading frame fused to the 3' end of GFP. Line 1 was generated.
  • mutations:
  • Insertion
  • synonyms:
  • Thy1-GFP/SP,
  • Thy1-GFP/SP
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