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Allele : F2<tm1Sjd> coagulation factor II; targeted mutation 1, Sandra JF Degen

Primary Identifier  MGI:2177948 Allele Type  Targeted
Attribute String  Null/knockout Gene  F2
Transmission  Germline Strain of Origin  129P2/OlaHsd
Is Recombinase  false Is Wild Type  false
molecularNote  An HPRT minigene replaced a genomic fragment containing exons 1 and 2, which encode the signal peptide and pro-peptide. Northern blot analysis on liver RNA derived from homozygous mice demonstrated that no detectable transcript was produced from this allele. Western blot analysis on liver extracts derived from plasma of homozygous mice confirmed that no protein was expressed from this allele.
  • mutations:
  • Insertion,
  • Intragenic deletion
  • synonyms:
  • FII-,
  • FII-
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