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Publication : B-1 B lymphocytes require Blimp-1 for immunoglobulin secretion.

First Author  Savitsky D Year  2006
Journal  J Exp Med Volume  203
Issue  10 Pages  2305-14
PubMed ID  16954370 Mgi Jnum  J:124626
Mgi Id  MGI:3722044 Doi  10.1084/jem.20060411
Citation  Savitsky D, et al. (2006) B-1 B lymphocytes require Blimp-1 for immunoglobulin secretion. J Exp Med 203(10):2305-14
abstractText  B-1 B cells produce circulating natural antibodies that provide 'innate-like' protection against bacterial and viral pathogens. They also provide adaptive responses to blood and air-borne pathogens. B lymphocyte-induced maturation protein 1 (Blimp-1) is a transcriptional repressor that is required for the formation of B-2-derived antibody-secreting plasma cells. In this study, we used mice lacking Blimp-1 in the B cell lineage to show that Blimp-1 is not necessary for the formation or self-renewal of B-1 B cells but that Blimp-1 is required for normal immunoglobulin (Ig) secretion by B-1 cells. B-1 cells lacking Blimp-1 do not repress Pax5 mRNA and do not induce X-box binding protein 1, and mu secreted mRNA normally, showing that B-1 and B-2 cells both use a common pathway for Ig secretion. Blimp-1-deficient B-1 B cells are also defective in providing early protection against influenza infection.
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