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Publication : Localisation of cardiac GS alpha in transgenic mice overexpressing GS alpha.

First Author  Muntz KH Year  1997
Journal  J Mol Cell Cardiol Volume  29
Issue  6 Pages  1649-53
PubMed ID  9220350 Mgi Jnum  J:127676
Mgi Id  MGI:3764598 Doi  10.1006/jmcc.1997.0400
Citation  Muntz KH, et al. (1997) Localisation of cardiac GS alpha in transgenic mice overexpressing GS alpha. J Mol Cell Cardiol 29(6):1649-53
abstractText  The biochemical and physiological effects of GS alpha activation are well known; however, little is known about the anatomical localisation of GS alpha in the myocardium. Knowledge of the localisation might yield insights into G protein function in heart. The utility of immunocytochemistry using immunofluorescent methods is limited in normal hearts because of the low expression of GS alpha. In order to magnify the GS alpha signal, we studied transgenic mice overexpressing myocardial GS alpha. Immunofluorescent techniques with confocal imaging using rabbit antiserum specific for GS alpha were studied in frozen sections of mouse left ventricle. GS alpha labeling appeared to be localised to the T-tubules and intercalated disks in the GS alpha overexpressing mouse hearts, whereas the control mice showed background fluorescence with diffuse faint labeling. The localisation of GS alpha to structures involved in calcium handling and membrane conductance places GS alpha at a focal point in the regulation of these key functions.
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