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Category: ProteinDomain
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Protein Domain
Type: Family
Description: This entry is composed of Memo 1 (mediator of ErbB2-driven cell motility 1) and related proteins from eukaryotes, archaea and bacteria whose molecular function is unclear.Memo 1 is an effector of the ErbB2 receptor tyrosine kinase involved in breast carcinoma cell migration []. Its increased expression is associated with cancer aggressiveness. In breast cancer it regulates insulin-like growth factor-I receptor-dependent signaling pathway []. It binds to a specific ErbB2-derived phosphopeptide []. It regulates the localisation of the small G protein RhoA and its effector mDia1 at the plasma membrane, and thereby coordinates the organisation of the lamellipodial actin network, adhesion site formation, and MT outgrowth within the cell leading edge to sustain cell motility []. In yeast, the homologue is known as Mho1, and inhibits haploid invasive growth when overexpressed [].