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Allele : Tg(Ckm-IGF1R*K1003R)1Dlr transgene marker 1, Derek LeRoith

Primary Identifier  MGI:3842765 Allele Type  Transgenic
Attribute String  Dominant negative, Humanized sequence, Inserted expressed sequence Gene  Tg(Ckm-IGF1R*K1003R)1Dlr
Strain of Origin  FVB/N Is Recombinase  false
Is Wild Type  false
molecularNote  The promoter, enhancer 1, exon 1, first intron/enchancer 2, and first 16 base pairs of exon 2 were used to drive muscle-specific expression of a dominant-negative human gene with nucleotide substitutions that result in the amino acid substitution of arginine for lysine at position 1003 (K1003R). Five lines were created with around 12 copies of the transgene. No line names were given.
  • mutations:
  • Insertion
  • synonyms:
  • MKR,
  • MKR,
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