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Protein Domain : Holliday junction recognition protein, HJURP, central domain

Primary Identifier  IPR021052 Type  Domain
Short Name  HJURP_central_dom
description  This entry represents a central, conserved region found in Holliday junction recognition protein from humans (HJURP) and similar proteins from vertebrates. This domain is not present in Holliday junction recognition proteins from fungi. However, both the N-terminal domain and a repeated domain that appears further downstream, also of unknown function, appear in all both vertebral and fungal Holliday junction recognition proteins. HJURP is a conserved non-histone protein that interact physically with the conventional histone H3 (CENP-A) heterotetramer and is essential for its deposition at centromeres in vivo [, , , , ]. This protein has been implicated in many cancers [].

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