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Protein Coding Gene : Bsn bassoon

Primary Identifier  MGI:1277955 Organism  mouse, laboratory
Chromosome  9 NCBI Gene Number  12217
Mgi Type  protein coding gene
description  FUNCTION: Automated description from the Alliance of Genome Resources (Release 7.1.0)

A structural constituent of presynaptic active zone. Involved in several processes, including presynapse to nucleus signaling pathway; regulation of synaptic vesicle cycle; and synaptic vesicle clustering. Acts upstream of or within maintenance of presynaptic active zone structure. Located in several cellular components, including cell surface; postsynaptic density; and presynaptic active zone cytoplasmic component. Is active in several cellular components, including GABA-ergic synapse; Schaffer collateral - CA1 synapse; and cochlear hair cell ribbon synapse. Is expressed in nervous system and retina. Used to study epilepsy. Orthologous to human BSN (bassoon presynaptic cytomatrix protein).
PHENOTYPE: Mutants lacking functional protein exhibit impaired hippocampal and photoreceptor synaptic transmission, aberrant photoreceptor ribbon synapse formation, and spontaneous epileptic seizures. [provided by MGI curators]
  • synonyms:
  • Bsn,
  • presynaptic cytomatrix protein,
  • bassoon

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