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Allele : Plp1<jp-4J> proteolipid protein (myelin) 1; jimpy 4 Jackson

Primary Identifier  MGI:1856375 Allele Type  Spontaneous
Gene  Plp1 Inheritance Mode  Recessive
Strain of Origin  C3H/HeJ Is Recombinase  false
Is Wild Type  false
molecularNote  Sequencing of Plp genomic and cDNAs showed a single nucleotide substitution, G-to-T, in exon 2 at coding nucleotide 115 which causes an alanine to serine substitution at position39 (p.Ala39Ser). Northern analysis showed that PLP mRNA was reduced by 90% in Plpjp-4J/Y compared to +/Y wild-type mice.
  • mutations:
  • Single point mutation
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