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Publication : Genetically modified animals and immunodeficiency.

First Author  Yeung RS Year  1993
Journal  Curr Opin Immunol Volume  5
Issue  4 Pages  585-94
PubMed ID  8105804 Mgi Jnum  J:14319
Mgi Id  MGI:62490 Citation  Yeung RS, et al. (1993) Genetically modified animals and immunodeficiency [published erratum appears in Curr Opin Immunol 1993 Dec;5(7):974]. Curr Opin Immunol 5(4):585-94
abstractText  Mouse strains with defined genetic defects engineered by the method of targeted gene disruption and homologous recombination have furthered our understanding of immune functions at the single gene level. More importantly, these mutant 'gene knockout' mice are powerful in vivo tools to dissect the complex mechanisms of lymphocyte development and function, complementing our broadening knowledge of congenital and acquired human immunodeficiencies.
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