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Publication : MAJIN Links Telomeric DNA to the Nuclear Membrane by Exchanging Telomere Cap.

First Author  Shibuya H Year  2015
Journal  Cell Volume  163
Issue  5 Pages  1252-1266
PubMed ID  26548954 Mgi Jnum  J:228033
Mgi Id  MGI:5704279 Doi  10.1016/j.cell.2015.10.030
Citation  Shibuya H, et al. (2015) MAJIN Links Telomeric DNA to the Nuclear Membrane by Exchanging Telomere Cap. Cell 163(5):1252-66
abstractText  In meiosis, telomeres attach to the inner nuclear membrane (INM) and drive the chromosome movement required for homolog pairing and recombination. Here, we address the question of how telomeres are structurally adapted for the meiotic task. We identify a multi-subunit meiotic telomere-complex, TERB1/2-MAJIN, which takes over telomeric DNA from the shelterin complex in mouse germ cells. TERB1/2-MAJIN initially assembles on the INM sequestered by its putative transmembrane subunit MAJIN. In early meiosis, telomere attachment is achieved by the formation of a chimeric complex of TERB1/2-MAJIN and shelterin. The chimeric complex matures during prophase into DNA-bound TERB1/2-MAJIN by releasing shelterin, forming a direct link between telomeric DNA and the INM. These hierarchical processes, termed "telomere cap exchange," are regulated by CDK-dependent phosphorylation and the DNA-binding activity of MAJIN. Further, we uncover a positive feedback between telomere attachment and chromosome movement, revealing a comprehensive regulatory network underlying meiosis-specific telomere function in mammals.
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