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Publication : Structural diversity of band 4.1 superfamily members.

First Author  Takeuchi K Year  1994
Journal  J Cell Sci Volume  107 ( Pt 7)
Pages  1921-8 PubMed ID  7983158
Mgi Jnum  J:19489 Mgi Id  MGI:67657
Doi  10.1242/jcs.107.7.1921 Citation  Takeuchi K, et al. (1994) Structural diversity of band 4.1 superfamily members. J Cell Sci 107(Pt 7):1921-8
abstractText  Several proteins contain the domain homologous to the N-terminal half of band 4.1 protein, indicating the existence of a superfamily. The members of this 'band 4.1' superfamily are thought to play crucial roles in the regulation of cytoskeleton-plasma membrane interaction just beneath plasma membranes. We examined the structural diversity of this superfamily by means of the polymerase chain reaction using synthesized mixed primers. We thus identified many members of the band 4.1 superfamily that were expressed in mouse teratocarcinoma F9 cells and mouse brain tissue. In total, 15 cDNA clones were obtained; 8 were identical to the corresponding parts of cDNAs for the known members, while 7 appeared to encode novel proteins (NBL1-7: novel band 4.1-like proteins). Sequence analyses of these clones revealed that the band 4.1 superfamily can be subdivided into 5 gene families; band 4.1 protein, ERM (ezrin/radixin/moesin/merlin/NBL6/NBL7+ ++), talin, PTPH1 (PTPH1/PTPMEG/NBL1-3), and NBL4 (NBL4/NBL5) families. The NBL4 family was first identified here, and the full-length cDNA encoding NBL4 was cloned. The deduced amino acid sequence revealed a myristoylation site, as well as phosphorylation sites for A-kinase and tyrosine kinases in its N-terminal half, suggesting its involvement in the phosphorylation-dependent regulation of cellular events just beneath the plasma membrane. In this study, we describe the initial characterization of these new members and discuss the evolution of the band 4.1 superfamily.
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