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Protein Coding Gene : Rmdn3 regulator of microtubule dynamics 3

Primary Identifier  MGI:1915059 Organism  Mus musculus
Chromosome  2 NCBI Gene Number  67809
Mgi Type  protein coding gene
description  FUNCTION: Automated description from the Alliance of Genome Resources (Release 5.4.0)

Predicted to enable microtubule binding activity. Predicted to be involved in intracellular calcium ion homeostasis. Predicted to act upstream of or within apoptotic process and cell differentiation. Located in mitochondrion. Is expressed in several structures, including eye. Orthologous to human RMDN3 (regulator of microtubule dynamics 3).
PHENOTYPE: Phenotypic analysis of mice homozygous for a gene trap allele indicates this mutation has no notable phenotype in any parameter tested. [provided by MGI curators]
  • synonyms:
  • Rmdn3,
  • expressed sequence AI131757,
  • MGI:2138842,
  • family with sequence similarity 82, member A2,
  • regulator of microtubule dynamics 3,
  • AI131757,
  • 1200015F23Rik,
  • Fam82a2,
  • RIKEN cDNA 1200015F23 gene

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