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Allele : Csnka2ip<tm1(KOMP)Vlcg> casein kinase 2, alpha prime interacting protein; targeted mutation 1, Velocigene

Primary Identifier  MGI:4399437 Allele Type  Targeted
Attribute String  Null/knockout, Reporter Gene  Csnka2ip
Transmission  Cell Line Strain of Origin  C57BL/6NTac
Is Recombinase  false Is Wild Type  false
Project Collection  KOMP-Regeneron
molecularNote  The insertion of Velocigene cassette ZEN-Ub1 created a deletion of size 874bp between positions 64298154-64299027 of Chromosome 16 (Build GRCm39).
  • mutations:
  • Intragenic deletion,
  • Insertion
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